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The Regional Sports Federations cover the whole Finland with 15 non-governmental regional sports organisation. They are civic organisations which are very active actors in their own environment (grass-root level in their county or area). Each of regional sport federation is independent actor, but they do also very much co-operation in different themes. 

Regional Sports Federations get some operating grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, but most of money they will do through versatile projects and through own fund-raising.

Regional Sports Federations operate in four main sectors:

  1. Health-enhancing physical activity for adults
  2. Sport for children and youngsters
  3. Support services for the sport clubs
  4. Sport policy

The aim of Regional Sports Federations are to encourage people of all ages to engage in health-enhancing physical activity, to organize events, and to produce sports services and campaings as well as education and development services. As a co-operation partners Regional Sport Federations have for example Finnish Olympic Committee, specific sports federations, sport clubs, municipalities, Regional State Administrative Agencies etc.

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